Public Relations and Commercial Writing Services

I offer a range of commercial writing and public relations services.

The services I offer draw on my extensive copy writing, content writing and public relations skills. They include press release writing, web content, social media engagement and identifying and understanding the needs of your stakeholders.

In 2009 I completed a Commercial Writing course offered by the founders of Passionate Media Ltd. In 2010 I  formalised my passion for people, communications, and 
media by gaining a Distinction in the Foundation Award in Public Relations from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Public relations (PR) isn’t just about press releases and transmitting messages to your customers. It’s about the relationships your organisation builds and maintains. Most importantly, it’s about your reputation. Good PR can help you sell your product or service, nurture employee loyalty and boost your reputation. It can help you share good news and great products. It can also help your organisation get through a crisis or disaster.

The services I offer include:

Press releases and press packs

A good press release is vital in getting your message out to the media. I can produce quality press releases and press packs (collections of information useful for media outlets) for your organisation.

Commercial writing and editing

I can produce content for your newsletters, in-house publications, brochures and websites. I can also edit and improve your existing materials and help you learn how to produce quality materials in-house.

Social media “health check”

How do your clients and customers see you on social media? How could you improve your relationships via social media? I can also manage your social media presence.

Identifying your stakeholders

For good public relations you need to identify your stakeholders, both inside and outside of your organisation. Who are they? And how can you improve your relationship with them?

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My Code of Conduct:

The reputation of your organisation is important. That’s why I will always maintain high professional standards. I operate with integrity, honesty and competence. I will always act with transparency and avoid conflicts of interest. I will maintain your confidentiality.