Emma McNeil – Journalist

EmmaMcCannheadshotI’m a versatile freelance journalist writing about a range of subjects. My specialist areas include ethical living, social innovation, science, health, lifestyle, disability, strange 
phenomena and the weird and wonderful. I have a fascination with exploring quirky and interesting human beliefs and experiences.

My work has been published in a range of publications including Metro, Ethical Living, the Green Parent, the Fortean Times, Prediction and many online publications.

My strong academic background, combined with my excellent research skills, allow me to produce interesting, exciting and informative features that engage readers.

I love what I do – if someone had told me when I was 9 that people would pay me to write about ghosts, monsters and saving endangered species I’d never have believed them!

I also offer a range of commercial writing and PR services offering a diverse range of high-quality writing and editing services.

 You can contact me at emma@emmamcneil.co.uk or +44 (0) 7985  490246